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 ELAD AN_001 - (EN) Integrating FDM-DUO Transceiver and CW Skimmer - rev 1.0.pdffile1 MiB22/01/2018 11:30:14
 ELAD AN_002 - (EN) Setting FDM-SW2 with external programs - rev 1.0.pdffile3 MiB22/01/2018 11:30:23
 ELAD AN_003 - (EN) Using FDM-DUO with WSJT-X - rev 1.1.pdffile898 KiB21/05/2018 10:48:11
 ELAD AN_003 - (IT) Utilizzare FDM-DUO con WSJT-X - rev 1.1.pdffile924 KiB21/05/2018 10:50:28
 ELAD AN_004 - (EN) Using FDM-DUO with N1MM - rev 1.1.pdffile954 KiB22/05/2018 15:18:27
 ELAD AN_004 - (IT) Utilizzare FDM-DUO con N1MM - rev 1.1.pdffile983 KiB22/05/2018 15:11:42
 ELAD AN_005 - (EN) Sharing FDM-DUO CAT USB Port using VSPE - rev 1.1.pdffile476 KiB07/06/2018 11:06:55
 ELAD AN_005 - (IT) Condivisione porta CAT USB dell'FDM-DUO utilizzando VSPE - rev 1.1.pdffile573 KiB07/06/2018 14:10:33
 ELAD AN_006 - Using FDM-DUO with two WSJT-X instances - rev 1.2.pdffile1 MiB19/02/2018 10:37:21
 ELAD AN_007 - Behavior of PTT-OUT and AUDIO-OUT of the FDM-DUO during transmission - rev 1.0.pdffile401 KiB23/03/2018 15:01:55
 ELAD Note - (EN) FDM-S1 and FDM-S2 as panadapter.pdffile650 KiB08/03/2018 15:33:16
 ELAD Note - (IT) FDM-S1 e FDM-S2 come panadapter.pdffile649 KiB08/03/2018 15:33:21